Operator Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking and Advertising Conditions
i - SITE Display Products Display requirements Visitors to Nelson

Visitors to Nelson i - SITE see your brochures and posters first. Conditions for advertising your brochure and poster at the centre are:


Standard size for brochures at the centre is DLE (100 x 210mm). Any larger brochures will be charged as two spaces. You will need to supply a minimum of 200 brochures when requested. Operator s will be contacted when extra brochures are required. Please note we will only contact you once via email.


All posters are to be in portrait format with a matt finish. Standard measurements for poster types are: A4 (300 x 210mm), A3 (420 x 300mm), A1 (840 x 600mm), A0 (1100 x 1300). Posters will not be displayed until payment is received in full and will be on display within one week of payment.

Monthly Promos

Priority for Boost your Profile and Product of the Month promotions given to existing advertisers. A maximum of three months in one display year (July - June) can be booked by any one operator – and only one month in peak season (unless space allows). Material will not be displayed until payment is received in full and needs to be provided one calendar month pri or to the month of display. 15% commission applies on all bookings and referrals during the booked promo month/s.

Operator/Supplier Agreement Conditions

By accepting bookings; or displaying brochures, posters or displays you agree to the following terms and conditions: Agreement that Nelson i - SITE will collect advance payment in full from customers and there will be a 12.5% commission payment on all bookings made by the centre. Agreement that there will be a 12.5% commission payment on all successful referrals made by Nelson i - SITE. 

  • Agreement to collect vouchers issued by Nelson i - SITE as payment for services booked. Understanding that Nelson i - SITE will direct credit payments twice monthly for these vouchers issued minus commissions.  Agreement that booked activities transferred to another operator must be confirmed in writing to Nelson i - SITE.
  • Agreement that the price to the customer will be the same and no commission component will be added whether booked direct or through Nelson i - SITE . 
  • Agreement to ensure that Nelson i - SITE product information regarding prices, times and change of service is regularly updated and any changes notified in writing. 
  • Agreement to ensure the Nelson i - SITE has your current bank account details - any changes must be notified in writing. Brochures will not be displayed until payment is received in full.
  • Payment for advertising by credit card will be subject to a processing fee of 1.5% unless made via our website. 
  • Agreement that under no circumstances can a n operator tout for business within the Nelson i - SITE building or grounds. 
  • Agreement that cancellation of advertising by the operator results in no refund being payable and that any excess stock of brochures will be held for fourteen days for operator col lection, after which time they will be recycled.
  • Agreement to the complaint policy of Nelson Tasman Tourism and acknowledgement of the responsibility required in dealing with visitors.  Agreement to pay all costs associated with debt collecting applicable to non - payment of advertising or any other Nelson i - SITE invoicing.
  • Nelson Tasman Tourism reserves the right to cancel sales representation and advertising in the event of quality or safety issues of clients or unresolved matters. Upon removal of brochure, poster or external signs from the premises a pro - rata refund will be arranged for the remaining term of the contract period.

Refunds on Bookings

If you have a refund and cancellation policy in place, please supply the Nelson i - SITE with specific terms and conditions. Nelson i - SITE will charge a 10% booking fee on all cancelled bookings made through the centre, except in exceptional circumstances or unless otherwise notified by the operator. Confirmation from the operator is required for all cancellations.

Booking Confirmations

Nelson i - SITE will confirm by phone, fax, internet or email any reservations made for accommodation or your service booked through the centre. At the time of confirmation staff will issue you with a voucher number; please make a note of this, as it is your confirmation that the customer has paid. It is your responsibility to check vouchers for correct details and to advise of any errors immediately.

To ensure we have the correct details on your product , all updates regarding pr ices, times and change of service must be in writing. We do not offer preferred operator agreements, and do not guarantee any level of bookings to operators in exchange for payment of display space.


Visitor Guide, Trade Directory and Website listings

1. Acceptance Booking will be acknowledged on receipt of payment and booking details. Followed by advertiser approval of a layout proof for print media; and material for electronic media.

2. Nelson Tasman Tourism right of refusal

Nelson Tasman Tourism reserves the right to decline or amend advertising for any reason. Nelson Tasman Tourism may limit the number of space allocations of any type or class of print or electronic advertisement to ensure a balance and that page numbers stay within the printing requirements or website structure. The advertiser warrants that the material is accurate in all detail, is the title of the advertiser and does not breach any copyright, trademark or Fair Trading Act provision.

3. Format

Nelson Tasman Tourism reserves the right to change the format of print and electronic publications from time to time.

4. Incomplete Purchases

All advertising must be paid for in advance of material going live (on - line) or publication (print). Material not submitted prior to the due date will result in the withdrawal of advertising booking and the forfeit of payment.

5. Advertising Proofing

It is the advertiser ’s responsibility to proof all material submitted. All website content submitted by advertisers will be approved by Nelson Tasman Tourism before going on - line. All print publication content will be returned to the advertiser for proofing prior to going to print.

In making a commitment to marketing and/or advertising with Nelson Tasman Tourism, advertisers agree to pay in full at booking and that Nelson Tasman Tourism will make decisions on priority of all listings for the website. Nelson Tasman Tourism reserves the right to alter listing priority when appropriate, and reserves the right to editorial control over the entire website. Nelson Tasman Tourism may make ongoing changes to the website structure, content and listing format to improve website performance.

6. Website listing rates

Rates are applicable for one year from July 1 to June 30.

7. Print Advertising Material

To ensure high quality production, Nelson Tasman Tourism reserves the right to decline any substandard material. It is the advertiser’ s responsibility to ensure they hold the appropriate permission to use images submitted.

8. Database Marketing

By advertising with us, you agree that Nelson Tasman Tourism is being authorised to promote your business via database marketing - proactively providing your contact details to third parties (e.g. Tourism New Zealand, travel wholesalers, etc.)

9. Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007

By signing up to be an advertiser and accepting our terms and conditions, you have given your consent to receive regular elec tronic communications on advertising opportunities and promotional marketing activity and also to receive our electronic newsletter . To unsubscribe at any time, email info@nelsonnz.com .

10. Cancellation Fee

A 10% administration fee will be charged on the processing of refunds relating to any Nelson Tasman Tourism purchase.

Nelson Tasman Tourism Complaints Policy

Very occasionally Nelson Tasman Tourism receives complaints from visitors about local tourism operators.

As the official regional tourism organisation for Nelson Tasman region, and regional member of the New Zealand Tourism Industry Association, we treat these very seriously. Nelson Tasman Tourism is vitally concerned that all visitors enjoy their time in Nelson Tasman, and that the visitor industry acts legally, responsibly and safely at all times.

Our objective is to reach an outcome on complaints which is mutually acceptable to all concerned. While we have no statutory authority to enforce complaints resolutions (reimbursement , etc), as a booking agent Nelson i - SITE have a legal responsibility for clients’ safety. We will take action to protect ourselves from possible claims against the centre.

Our complaints policy is to:

First ask for the complaint in writing.

We then write to the operator concerned copying them in on the complaint and asking for their response (recognising there are two sides to every story).

Consider the response and suggest a resolution, which aims to satisfy both parties.If the complaint is justified, we aim to have the operator acknowledge they have a responsibility to address not only the individual situation, but to change systems to ensure the same situation does not reoccur.

If an operator fails to respond, or refuses to acknowledge any responsibility for a justified complaint, Nelson Tasman Tourism may instruct the centre to remove the operator’s brochures from the brochure racks, refund any residual amount prepaid for brochure display space, and no longer provide a booking service f or that operator.


Nelson i - SITE accept no responsibility for the non - operation of any service reserved through the centre where the non - operation is due to operator timetable changes which have not been notified in writing to the centre. Nelson i - SITE disclaim s any and all liability to any person in respect of the consequences of any failure to operate, accident, or injury which may occur on services reser ved and ticketed by the Nelson i - SITE, where operator error or accident is the cause.

Service Statement

Nelson Tasman Tourism operates the Nelson i - SITE under the objective of stimulating economic activity within the Nelson Tasman reg ion. The centre exist s to provide quality information and booking services for all visitors and through that, a distribution outlet for the region’s visitor industry operators, suppliers, organisations and businesses.

Information given out from the centre complies with the mission statement of i - SITE New Zealand.

Nelson i - SITE provide s a reservation and ticketing service, with a standard operating procedure of collecting full payment in advance for all services reserved thro ugh the centre, and taking a 12.5 % commission on all bookings made. In those instances where reservations cannot be confirmed and referral vouchers are issued, 12.5% commission will also be charged.

Any operator u sing the services of the Centre does so on the understanding that bookings made are customer driven. We do not offer preferred operator agreements, and do not guarantee any level of bookings to operators in exchange for payment of display space.

Operator Bookings Payment Process

SEND NO INVOICE FOR BOOKINGS MADE BY US – Nelson i - SITE produces BCTIs (Buyer Created Tax Invoices)

Payment is based on the booking date, NOT the date the activity/service was provided.

Payment dates:

* Bookings made 1 - 15 of the month are paid on the last day of that month

* Bookings made 16 - 31 of the month are paid on the 15th of the following month.

The payment date appears on the remittance advice we will email you prior to payment. Note: It is the operator’s responsibility to advise us of any changes in banking details – we will not be responsible for payments made into incorrect accounts through failure to notify changes. Please make this clear to new operators if the business changes ownership.